VINCULUM Blu-Ray Technology

Taking into account the extraordinary reputation of OPPO´s blu-ray players , it is even more dramatic and spectacular the improvement in picture quality we achieved with our VINCULUM CINEPHILE editions. For the most demanding audiophiles we developed also the VINCULUM CINEPHILE PLUS versions.

Quantum leap on high-definition picture quality

From the first few seconds, one of the many video quality improvements easily perceived with the VINCULUM CINEPHILE editions is the much deeper level of blacks and a clearly increased intra-image contrast. It looks as if a gray thin veil that covered the dark areas and was causing colour degradations were completely removed. Even with the higher brightness peaks achieved, blacks are shown truly deep , without light contamination, and all the picture colours are displayed with far more vividness, richer gradations and more intense but always natural saturation.

Specially with projectors and large flat screens , the VINCULUM CINEPHILE editions offer a finer resolution with greater detail and sharpness. The advantage over all high-end competitors we tested is even more clear when moving objects are displayed. We believe that the real sharpness can not be evaluated only with still pictures. For a truly high definition visual experience it is much more important to test the sharpness with pictures in movement because it is the only way that partial blurring on some picture areas (those affected by the moving objects or individuals) is produced .

Although logically we are unaware of the small blurred areas produced on each of the 24 pictures we see per second , many experienced people may have a sensation which is not entirely satisfactory , of too soft and unstable high definition with moving pictures , while the sharpness is good enough with still picture. We are certain that this is due, not only to the relatively low 24fps rate as it is generally believed, but also to the bad recovery of the motion data, with motion-based compression formats as the used by blu-ray and dvd.

The VINCULUM research was focused in studying and solving these problems like it seems that no other high-end blu-ray player has not even attempted. And the result has gone way beyond our initial expectations.

With the VINCULUM modifications the home-cinema lovers can enjoy , not only a truly sharp high definition with moving images but also , thanks to the exceptional motion information recovery, much clearer action sequences. Also, the more accurate motion description leads to feel the real weight and Kinetic energy of things, cars or spaceships which are moving or crashing on the screen. You may feel much convincingly the speed and power of impacts and explosions. For us, this kind of visual dynamics, the more lively activity on screen and the consistent three-dimensional appearance achieved is what gives a whole new level of enjoyment, inmersion and emotional involvement to the film.

These improvements are achieved without touching any picture control adjustment or the original Firmware, with which the film appearance could become unnatural after a first striking demonstration.

The VINCULUM sharpness and contrast are better because we greatly improved the accuracy of digital data retrieval, from the disc transport or from your hard discs, by means of many propietary refinements and precise adjustments made on the internal electronics, power supplies and the disc-transport.

These modifications are aimed to reduce dramatically the jitter from the digital signals , specially the exact components of its energy spectrum which we found the most harmful for the video and audio signals, as they can not be removed by the use of ultra-precision clocks only.

We have developed internal adjustments inside the disc-transport, in the micrometer precision range, which drastically reduce the reading errors from any BluRay and SACD discs. Although the equipped error-correction algorithms are capable enough to correct most data reading errors , we find that all video processings (MPEG decoding, SD up-scaling , HD to 4K upscaling, etc...) produce better final video quality when they are working with low jitter level and free of reading errors. The same is true for the audio quality.

Once the native quality is lost you can not recover it anymore, no matter how good is the video processor or the effort to adjust the picture parameters. This is one of the main reasons why our VINCULUM CINEPHILE editions extract the finest native 1080p picture quality available from every blu-ray disc and are capable to deliver much better 1080p and 4K upscaling than any other disc player. The improvement persists using the "source direct" available option because any video processor inside a projector or flat-screen will greatly benefit from an ultra-low jitter level digital signal as the delivered by the VINCULUM blu-ray players.

All the VINCULUM´s picture quality improvements are very clear, objective and fully noticed from the first moment after the player is assembled and adjusted. No need to wait any long break-in period. But if the change from the standard OPPO to the VINCULUM is very impressive in the first tests, it is even more pleasing when you realize that you are enjoying your favourite films in a very different manner.

High-end analog and digital audio

In addition to improving the picture quality, the VINCULUM modifications made on OPPO players have also a clear reward on sound quality , even when connected through digital outputs and HDMI to an external audio processor or AV amplifier.

The error-free digital output from the disc transport allows to every DAC chip to be working at its best performance and sound quality, so all the 7.1 analog sound outputs are also improved.

But it was a nice challenge for us to improve even more the analog sound quality , to the point of being the VINCULUM a heavyweight competitor for the best high-end dedicated CD/SACD players, so we developed the VINCULUM PLUS editions.

If the disc reading accuracy is already a huge advantage, it is no less important the new chassis we gave to the OPPO. By replacing the standard box with a new massive and rigid steel chassis we are allowing much better and faster vibration evacuation and resonance damping , which is proven to be essential to avoid untruthful sound coloration and reduction in sound dynamics.

Then we added a new analog output stage module for the front channels , embedded in hard epoxy resin block and shielded. This new analog stage delivers far more musical and lifelike sound output, with the better valve sweetness and dynamics . It has much more influence on sound than any DAC chip election, no matter its complexity or quality.

Also important, we added (or greatly improved in the 105 and 95) a linear power supply with very high quality toroidal transformer and selected components.

Many other additional refinements were applied: Star grounding configuration and filtering to lower the noise floor; internal wiring replacement with high performance cables; new top quality rca connectors for all outputs; AC noise filtering; improved components on audio boards, etc...

All these modifications have succeeded in improving dramatically the OPPO´s sound quality.

The bass is more powerful but also much deeper, tight and fast, giving credibility and dimension to spectacular film soundtracks , and far more body and warmth to the music .

Mids and highs benefit from the better bass resolution, greatly increasing the realism of all sound effects and the intelligibility of the dialogs, something that lovers of films in original version will appreciate.

But the best of the VINCULUM PLUS editions is that you feel how the player brings to life the voices and instruments , with real soul, commanding presence and breathtaking expressiveness. With unmatched dynamics and free of untruthful sound colorations, VINCULUM PLUS delivers the aliveness and true lifelike feeling which connects you directly to the music and makes you to forget the equipment.

Rediscover all your music and film soundtracks with a musicality and sweetness which seemed nearly impossible to obtain from the digital formats.